Just downs.

August 2, 2007

First, the good news: this morning I weighed myself again–according to the scale, I’m down four more pounds, for a total of seven lost since I started yoga and cutting calories.

I’m still convinced this is only water weight, but nonetheless I am happy to see the numbers going down. I’ve officially lost that six pounds that I’d gained since the last time I saw my doctor! Now if I could just add another 20 pounds or so to that loss, I’d be nearly back to my fighting weight.

The other thing that went down today, though, is my temperature–definitely a bad sign. I haven’t been charting regularly, but sometimes during the 2WW I’ll take my temp for a few days in the morning to see what’s happening. (Or maybe it’s just to maintain an illusion of control over the process). Yesterday I took my temp when I woke up and it was 98.33, definitely a post-ovulation temp based on past charts. Today, I took my temp when I woke up and it was 97.57, a drop of over seven tenths of a point. A basal temp drop like that almost always means Aunt Flo is on her way. Based on past cycles, my period will likely arrive tomorrow, one day after the big temp drop. Which would make this my second 24 day cycle in six months. I really hope this isn’t a sign of early menopause.

This month I’ve decided that when my period starts, I’m going to call and make an appointment with my ob-gyn for early October–we’ve got two more cycles to go before we’re officially “infertile,” but I don’t want to wait until the end of cycle twelve to make the appointment, or we won’t get in until December. Nothing like being proactive to distract from crushing disappointment and melancholy.



2 Responses to “Just downs.”

  1. loren Says:

    I hope those two short cycles are flukes. I know how you feel about the looming *infertile* 12 month marking point. Right there with you. Hopefully you will get some answers soon.

  2. MN Says:

    You may want to just make an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist — OB/GYN doctors that have subspecialized in women with fertility problems. Appointments with (the good ones) are usually hard to get and may take you several months. A general OB/GYN may or may not get the ball rolling in the right direction. Just a benefit from my (vast) prior experience. Of course, hopefully the only appointment you will need is the one for an obstetrician.

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