Cutting calories, spending money, etc.

August 11, 2007

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted! Almost a week. I’m not sure anyone really missed me, or is even still reading–but I’m back.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, an old friend came to town for a couple of days, so I spent some time hosting her; I also finally caught up with another friend who was preparing to leave town. I’ve even managed to do a little work–I finally finished reading the book that I have to write a review of by next week, though I have yet to start the actual writing of the review.

But mostly, I guess I’ve gotten wrapped up in my new health efforts. Still doing yoga regularly, but now I’ve added in 30 minutes on the elliptical machine every other day, and I’ve been taking more care with our meals. For a little over a week I’ve been eating approximately 1200 calories a day. I remember that when I was younger, I used to think that was a TINY amount of food, not even worth considering. “I am a grown woman!” I would say to myself. “I cannot subsist on so few calories per day–that’s a child’s portion, or the caloric intake of one of those women who hates curves and is obsessed with being skinny.” Yes, I’m rolling my eyes at my younger self too.

And yet a funny thing happened when I started eating so little this past week or so–I felt completely satisfied! Better, I felt healthy and alive. I was not hungry AT ALL. This made me realize that I probably had been eating way more than my body needs to operate efficiently. Now, after the first five or six days, once I had started to incorporate more cardio exercise into my routine, I did have a few “hungry moments,” mostly after waiting too long between meals. Overall, though, I’m still finding that 1200-1300 calories per day is plenty for me. I no longer leave the dinner table feeling stuffed, heavy, tired–instead I feel light and energetic.

It surely helps that I’ve been trying to cook as healthfully as possible, so the meals I eat are chock full of nutrients. Tonight we had wild salmon with cucumber salad and dill sauce and quinoa, corn, and tomato salad, both surprisingly delicious. Here’s a photo:


So, I am going to try and stay with this eating plan. Will this help with our TTC plans? Maybe–surely the healthier the better when it comes to a preconception diet. But even if it has no effect, I feel so much better, and better about myself, that it is worth the extra effort. I’ve committed to maintaining this plan (much smaller portions of everything except fresh veggies, 1200-1300 total calories a day, and regular, consistent exercise) for the next five to six months, until after the holidays. That’s long enough that I should see at least some external physical changes to match the internal changes I’m already feeling. And, if I know I’ve decided to live this way for six months, no matter what, hopefully I won’t get discouraged and go back to my old ways if I don’t see immediate weight loss results.

Plus, after six months, maybe this way of eating and living really will have become a habit that I can’t break.

P.S. The other thing I’ve been up to is orchestrating a major splurge purchase–I don’t want to say more until everything is finalized, though. But I’ll report back as soon as that happens, when G and I have a brand new, expensive toy to play with. 🙂


One Response to “Cutting calories, spending money, etc.”

  1. MN Says:

    I’m still reading and enjoying your blog. Your changes are inspiring. I think I’ll try living on 1200 cal a day. Since I don’t eat a ton, it probably comes down to making a few key choices — carrots instead of potatoe chips, yogurt instead of brownies. We’ll see!!

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