Still waiting for Aunt Flo

August 29, 2007

After that quick but generous episode of brown spotting on Monday night, I didn’t see any more spotting all day Tuesday. I went ahead and took my temperature Tuesday morning when I woke up, and again this morning, and both days the temp was still high, temps that would definitely be “above coverline” if I were charting properly (98.13 one day, 98.11 the other).

Pretty exciting, right? Spotting which starts 7 to 10 days after ovulation and quickly stops again, then continued high basal body temps–it’s right out of a Toni Weschler novel! (Oh wait, you mean all of that, “have sex around the time of ovulation and you’ll get pregnant” stuff isn’t science fiction? *shrug*)

So, once again I’d allowed myself to hope and fantasize about being knocked up–but today there was more spotting. I’m not sure when it started. Sometime in the afternoon, because when I went to the restroom before leaving home today at around 11:00am, I was still spot-free. When I got home tonight at 6:30pm, though (and no, I hadn’t been to the bathroom in nearly seven hours. I told you I have a bladder of steel!), there it was, plain to see. More of that godforsaken spotting, harbinger of menstrual doom. Ironically enough, I had a similar false alarm last month–the day after I reported a temp dip and spotting, the spotting stopped and my temp went back up to around 98 degrees, only to plummet again the next day when AF finally arrived.

Today’s spotting is still brown, though, so I’m still waiting for the official arrival of scarlet, which will herald day one of our 12th and final cycle as so-called “normal” people. If cycle 12 is a bust, it’s on to actual “infertility treatment”; we can finally seek a diagnosis and figure out why TTC hasn’t been working for us.

I’m assuming my temp will drop tomorrow morning, and I’ll see red blood–making this month a much more normal 26-day cycle. I wonder if it’s a good sign that my temp has stayed high for a couple of days after the first bit of spotting started? My completely uninformed thought is that the higher temps for longer would indicate a better hormonal balance between estrogen and progesterone–maybe now that I’ve lost some weight (13 lbs as of this morning!) my fat stores aren’t flooding my body with as much excess estrogen, so my progesterone levels are better able to keep my temp high. Or maybe weight has nothing to do with anything, and the high temps are just a fluke, who knows. I am most certainly not a medical doctor.

Anyway. We’re having a big party this weekend–the only good thing about not being pregnant is that I can guzzle champagne with impunity. Oh, and eat deli meat again! Do you know how hard it is to be on a diet and unable to eat deli chicken or turkey on a sandwich? Ah, the two week wait, she is a cruel mistress.


One Response to “Still waiting for Aunt Flo”

  1. loren Says:

    I hope it means good things for you!!! That would be great. 🙂

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