Superfast update

September 3, 2007

I’ve really been neglecting this blog! And I still don’t have time to update fully, but I wanted to pop in with a couple of updates:

1. Period officially started on August 30. Boo.

2. This has been the least crampy, most manageable period I’ve had in ages, and I’m crediting  the regular exercise I’ve been getting. It seems that my reproductive system (and the rest of me) is functioning more efficiently. Yay!

3. More on this in a real post, but I’ve made a decision: from this point on (at least until we decide to involve the medical establishment), no more “trying.” No more OPKs, no more temping, no more scheduling rote babymaking sex. We’re going to try to fit in sex that’s actually sexy when we can, and that’s it. I will explain my rationale at length another time, but the short version is, I’ve realized that trying to control this process has not gotten me pregnant. What it has done is create a bunch of extra hassle and take up way too much space in my head. Why bother? Here we are at cycle 12 anyway.

4. The past week has been a bit problematic, eating-wise (basically, too many days when I went WAY over my 1200-1400 calorie range), although I’ve been keeping up with my daily or every-other-day cardio workouts. I even got up at 6:30am to work out on Saturday! And I’m loving this feeling of being fit, feeling really good about myself and about my health. So, this week is my week to recommit to limiting my calorie intake and eating more healthy foods, along with keeping up the exercise. Wish me luck!

5.  Hmm, there is no number five. Or maybe number five can be that work is kicking my behind right now. I’ve been SO crazy busy! And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. A few of the things I have to do in the next eight or nine weeks: finish drafts of two administrative reports I’m working on and continue revising those drafts, due Sept. 5 and then ongoing; read a tenure dossier that’s about four inches thick and write a letter evaluating the candidate, due Sept. 17; begin working as chair of a major departmental committee, and schedule our first meeting for Sept. 19; draft a panel proposal with one of my colleagues for a local conference, due early October; complete major revisions of an old essay of mine, for publication in an edited collection of essays, by early November; write an entirely new essay to present at a major conference for my discipline, by early December. All of this while keeping up with the reading, class prep, and grading in my two classes and running the seminar series for the fellowship program that I head up at my institution. Have I mentioned that life gets busier after tenure?

Not that I’m complaining. Actually, I love my job! I just wish there were a little less of it to love right now. As soon as I have a few minutes to myself I will update here more thoroughly, especially on my new “no more trying” policy.  Stay tuned.


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