That sound you hear is me sighing in relief.

September 24, 2007

Sorry to leave you hanging, faithful readers! As usual these days, work has been keeping me beyond busy. And there seems to be no end in sight, which is different from past busy-busy-busy moments. Maybe this is just what life is like post-tenure. In which case, someone really sold me a sack of BS at the start of this academic journey.

ANYWAY. On to the news you’ve all been waiting for–let me rush to assure you that pigs have not yet flown, hell is not yet frozen over, and I am not, at ALL, in any way, shape, or form, pregnant. Nope, today is a very crampy and bleedy CD2.

Aunt Flo arrived rather abruptly yesterday and last night–the most abruptly she has ever shown up, in fact. Around noon, I suddenly (after a couple of days of no signs at all) had significant cramping, followed by significant spotting, and by later that same evening I was bleeding red. Usually my cycles take a little longer to rev up–I’ll have cramps one day, on-and-off spotting for a good 24 hours after that, then finally the real deal will start–so this definitely seems to signal another shorter and more efficient period, similar to last month’s quick and nearly painless one. This month I definitely have pain, unfortunately. Still, I’m guessing that the exercise and eating better has been doing good things for my lady bits.

On that note, I’ve now lost 19 lbs! Of course, I have had a rash of days with way-WAY-too-many-calories since reaching this weight, but so far I’ve at least maintained the 19-pound loss for a few days rather than going back up, probably because I’ve been doing cardio intervals almost daily. I want to tighten up on my calories for the rest of this week, though, so I can crack the minus-20 pounds barrier. From there it’s only 3 more pounds to my wedding weight, another nice interim goal.

As far as the title of this post, I have to admit that as I walked around during the 2ww this month contemplating what it’d be like if I were indeed pregnant, each time I thought of being pregnant I felt a little bit torn. I am having a lot of fun losing weight and getting in shape, and the thought of having to abandon my weight loss efforts right now is a little disappointing. I’d like to get closer to my goal weight before I have to gain it all back for baby! Do thoughts like this mean I’m not “really ready” for parenthood? Whenever I do manage to get pregnant, I know I’ll be happy, but when my period showed up yesterday I have to admit to a little internal sigh of relief–now I have at least one more month to focus on weight loss. Over the weekend I had to go buy a new, smaller pair of pants because all of my current work pants are too big. That is a FANTASTIC feeling, and I kind of want more time to experience it fully.

Because of academic-calendar timing issues, October and November wouldn’t be ideal months for me to get knocked up anyway, so maybe this month and next we’ll take it easy on the “trying” again. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep working out and eating better–and now G is on board too, so we are both making major health changes! I’m looking forward to seeing what the “new us” looks like in a few more months.


One Response to “That sound you hear is me sighing in relief.”

  1. Ariel Says:

    What a good place to be in, where you know you’ll be happy, but you have other irons in the fire that you’d like to keep…what do irons do exactly? Cook? At any rate, cheers to a Project You-intensive autumn.

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