Quick follow-up to yesterday’s post

October 10, 2007

The New York Times‘ health blog, Well, just had a post about “The Exercise-Resistant Dieter.” It discussed a British study that found that among 35 overweight people who exercised enough to burn 500 calories per day, most lost only a few pounds, much less than would be expected given the intensity of their exercise routine–and five actually gained weight.

Unsurprisingly, the data did suggest that the people who failed to lose much weight had slightly increased their calorie intake by the end of the study (by about 270 calories), while the people who lost more weight had slightly decreased their intake (about 130 calories). But the differences in how the subjects ate compared to the beginning of the study were not statistically significant, according to the report.

Supporting Taubes’s point in the New York Magazine article I linked to yesterday, they go on to suggest:

The body does everything it can to steal back the calories you are so desperately trying to work off, studies have found, and different bodies do it at different rates. Resting metabolism may slow, for instance, or appetite may increase as the body strives to maintain its weight. Some research suggests that heavy exercisers may unknowingly move more slowly during the periods when they aren’t exercising.

Can you believe that? Work with me, body, not against me!
Anyway, after a great cardio + weights workout yesterday afternoon I am taking today off, and hoping to eat fewer calories overall for the day. Maybe this will cancel out my body’s efforts at sabotage.


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