World of random

November 20, 2007

I am feeling very scattered today, hence the title (and structure) of this post. But very happy, too–excited about life, which is a nice way to feel. I guess you could even say I’m feeling completely thankful for what I have right now, which seems apropos. Here are some reasons why:

1. By way of a further update on my last post, my “boyfriend” R and I had a fantastic heart-to-heart yesterday, and kind of resolved some lingering questions about who we are to each other. I really do think we’re going to be great, great (platonic) friends, which makes me very happy. And G has been a true saint as I worked all of this out. He knows he has nothing to worry about, but still, I don’t know if I could have been as patient as he’s been. More proof that I married the best guy in the world.

2. Thanksgiving! Whee! My in-laws are coming for the weekend, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I’m also looking forward to cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner–it’s my first time doing this kind of dinner on Thanksgiving, but I’ve made similar dinners before. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans was a standard Sunday dinner for us for ages last year. I know roasting a 4-lb chicken and roasting a 10-lb turkey are not the same thing, but I’m still pretty sure I can handle it. And it’s low stakes–we thought a couple of other people would be coming, but turns out there will only be the four of us, so if something goes horribly wrong, we can just get pizza.

On a related note, this afternoon I bought some fancy zinfandel to serve with the turkey that I’m super-excited to taste. I also bought a bottle of this, which is a zin I already know and like, though I’ve only had it a few times. I may be more excited about the Thanksgiving wines than I am about the food/desserts.

3. T-minus 8 days until my first appointment with the RE. Finally, getting somewhere! When I first made the appointment I was pretty nervous and anxious about it, but now I’m just curious. Bring on the blood tests! Tell me EXACTLY what’s going on in there, doctor lady. I am also feeling very good, reproductively, because I just had the lightest, shortest period EVER in my life. Except for periods that I had while on the Pill, but those don’t count, since they’re not “real.” (For the record, for me, “short”=five days. And “light”=able to wear a super plus plus tampon for a full four hours in a row on my heaviest day. So, neither short nor light, by objective standards, hence I emphasize the “in my life” part). I’m hoping this shorter, lighter period means my overall health is better than it used to be, and that my body’s getting more prepared for this pregnancy thing.

4. I have been downloading a lot of music, and really enjoying it. Right this very instant I am listening to One Republic, who kind of sound just like The Fray, only better. And I really like The Fray! So I am loving One Republic’s album. I’ve also been listening to Alicia Keys’s new one, which has some great tracks on it, apart from the two that have been released as singles. My favorite might be “I Need You,” closely followed by “Wreckless Love” and “Go Ahead.”

As far as hip hop goes, Little Brother’s Getback and Jay-Z’s American Gangster CD have also been getting heavy rotation on my iPod, and I am loving the way they both are using these super lush, soulful, very 1970s tracks behind their lyrics–Jay-Z because he was inspired by the Denzel/Russel Crowe flick of the same name, Little Brother I guess because that’s a part of their southern/urban/down-to-earth/political style.

So, anyway, I am loving it! Sometimes I just break out into broad smiles on the subway while listening to some of my favorite stuff. Have you ever considered how much less interesting life would be without music? I sometimes find it amazing that people are able to make more music that moves me, when there is already so much great music out there, much of it made decades ago. I could just live for the rest of my life on the collected pre-1985 oeuvres of Stevie Wonder and Prince alone, I think, but what’s great is I can have that music AND the new music too.

Life’s an embarrassment of riches, I tell you. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.


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