I heart my RE.

December 1, 2007

So, I went to an RE recommended by a friend of ours, and what a great experience it was. I feel very lucky. Reasons I loved her:

1. She was very no-nonsense. In fact, I think her blog code name is going to be Dr. No-Nonsense. She talked to me like I was an adult, and any time she began to explain something and I gave a nod or a knowing look that indicated I had heard of it already, she acknowledged me and gave me what sounded like the “educated participant’s explanation” rather than the “idiot-who’s-never-heard-of-the-Internet explanation,” which is what I always got from my ob-gyn. She asked a lot of questions and seemed really to listen to my answers, which was pretty cool.

2. The clinic itself was very organized, and very, VERY zen. I walked in, and the energy was completely relaxing–the waiting room was calm, quiet, beautifully lit, with gleaming hardwood floors and clean, comfortable seating. Of course, the effect was somewhat ruined by a random husband chatting loudly on his cell phone, but hey, you can’t blame Heavenly Clinic for the sporadic rudeness of its clientele. And speaking of clientele, there was a surprising racial and ethnic mix, which I really liked. Not that I’m happy there are all sorts of white and/or Jewish, black, Latino, and Asian couples having trouble conceiving, but it was nice to see the variety.

As far as the actual tests, they do FSH and estradiol on day 2 of the period, so when Aunt Flo shows me red, then the very next morning I’m to go in and get my blood drawn, no appointment necessary. They’re open 7 days a week, which is nice. The only not nice thing is that FSH/Estradiol testing is done only between 7:30 and 8:30am, so I am going to have a pretty early morning on day 2 of my next period. Which should arrive, in spite of the surprisingly regular (and, ahem, surprisingly hot–nothing like giving up on procreation to make lovemaking exciting again!) sex G and I have been having, right around December 11th.

One reason I’m quite sure my period is going to show up: Dr. No-Nonsense revealed that after a year of trying, a couple’s chance of successfully getting pregnant through sex alone drops from about 20% per cycle to about 2%. TWO percent! I have a better chance of developing hemhorroids (4%), or of getting seriously hurt in a car accident (5%), than I do of getting pregnant via plain old fucking. So I’ve officially given up hope, but not in a bad way. At least now there is no need to bite my nails at the end of each cycle while waiting for Aunt Flo. There’s a 98% chance that she’s showing up, after all. Those are *really* good odds.

They did do two tests the day of my appointment: first, the MIS test, which checks levels of the Anti-Mullerian hormone. It’s sort of experimental, and therefore not covered by insurance, but apparently gives a better picture of ovarian reserve than FSH/estradiol alone.

The other test they did was free of charge, part of a clinical study on celiac disease. Dr. No-Nonsense explained that celiac disease (gluten intolerance) has been underdiagnosed in the US, and particularly in non-European populations, and that it has been linked to unexplained infertility. Some women who change to a gluten-free diet find that their other, seemingly unrelated, health issues, including infertility, mysteriously clear up. So they tested me for the antibody that would show gluten intolerance, and if it turns up positive, it’s possible that going gluten-free might help somehow. My participation in the study was completely optional, of course, but it didn’t hurt anything to get an extra blood draw, so I went ahead.

So the next step is FSH and estradiol, and then, assuming those come back normal, the HSG is next. We still have to get G in for his sperm analysis, of course, on the off chance that we’re dealing with male factor. Here’s the only place where Heavenly Clinic falls a little short–while they’re open seven days a week, as I understand it sperm analysis can only happen Monday through Friday, basically during business hours. I’m going to call them back to clarify, but if that is true, then G, who works 9-to-5 and whose office is not in Manhattan, is again in a bad position vis-a-vis getting the SA done. And since he simply cannot take any time off right now, it’s going to be a while.

Oh well. I’m fairly sure I’m the problem anyway. G at least has slipped one past the goalie once in his life, while I’ve never ever been pregnant, even with taking some fairly significant risks in my irresponsible youth.

All right, this is long enough already. I could tell you about some other things going on in my life (Semester almost over! Yay! Diet in a temporary lull and I’ve been eating way too much sugar. Boo. Bought some new shoes and a fancy dress for the holidays! Yay! No idea what to get G for Christmas. Boo) — but I won’t bore you with details, at least not right now. I will, however, leave you with a tiny photo of my new shoes.

stuart weitzman


4 Responses to “I heart my RE.”

  1. loren Says:

    It’s so encouraging to hear that you had a good experience with your RE. I hope you get your answers soon…I’m all too familiar with the condesending doctor tone! So great that she didn’t give you that crap.
    About the percentage rate of pregnancy after ttc for a year…sobering. I looked it up, and it seems thats a fair assessment. 16% of couples will not conceive in a year, and half of those will conceive naturally the next year. Wow. But the good news is, you’re being proactive and assertive. you’ll be pregnant in no time.

  2. Shanna Says:

    after a year of trying, a couple’s chance of successfully getting pregnant through sex alone drops from about 20% per cycle to about 2%. TWO percent! I have a better chance of developing hemhorroids (4%)

    I assure you, your chance of getting hemorrhoids will be even higher once you do get pregnant (though not via fucking alone).

  3. Kim Says:

    Hey Mama! Haven’t been in here in a minute…just checking on you…glad you’re liking your RE!

  4. Kenya Says:

    Hi, your story of finding a great RE is inspiring. I’m on doc #7 which is now an RE. At this point I’m not easily impressed. I’ll meet a new RE next week who is highly skilled black woman. For some reason that put me at ease.

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