File this under “careful what you wish for”…

December 11, 2007

…and/or, “if my words are that powerful, then why aren’t I already pregnant?” Remember last post, written on Sunday before I had even started seeing any menstrual signs? When in the process of musing about when my period might arrive, I wrote:

I vote for Tuesday, though, because I have to go into the city for meetings on Wednesday anyway, and that way waking up at 6:00am so as to make sure I leave by 7:00am and get to the clinic for my bloodwork by 8:00am will be much less painful.

Well, after the most minor of spotting late last night, Aunt Flo arrived first thing this (Tuesday) morning, right on time. Which means I will be going in for my bloodwork tomorrow at the crack of dawn, just as I requested of the universe. Or, you know, voted for.

Dear Universe,

While you’re feeling receptive, I also vote that I get and stay pregnant sometime between March and August of 2008, that I have a normal, uneventful pregnancy, and that I deliver a happy, healthy baby. Oh, and I vote that I get a huge raise next year without any increase in responsibilities and without having to change jobs, and that my college institutes a decent maternity leave policy just in time for me to benefit from it. Thank you kindly for your cooperation!

Yours truly,

P.S. Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans in a size 10, which is a size I’ve never worn as an adult. Clearly, size 10s aren’t what they used to be, but also, wow, is that weight training working or is it working? I practically feel “skinny”!


One Response to “File this under “careful what you wish for”…”

  1. Kenya Says:

    Okay since you seem to be on terms with the universe please put in a “P.S.” on that letter for me. It was right on with my January New Year’s prayer to the Universe.

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