This just in: Fantasia is AWESOME.

December 24, 2007

We went to see The Color Purple on Broadway on Saturday night, as a special treat for my mom, who is here visiting for Christmas. And I have to say, I love-love-loved it, especially the first half. The costuming was gorgeous, the sets were intricate and beautifully rendered, and the singing was absolutely SPECTACULAR.

Seriously, everyone in this show had a powerful, beautiful voice–voices that seemed made for the kind of live, loud singing that is unique to Broadway musicals. It was sort of shocking to my system, given that I’m used to listening to popular R&B singers, some of whom have relatively thin voices (ahem, Chris Brown, Ciara), or whose voices are muted by the complex style of song or overwhelmed by the synthesized accompaniment. These voices were naked and vibrant, singing simple, striking harmonies, and accompanied only by a live orchestra. Needless to say, I was moved. One weird thing about me that you might not know: I have a real problem with powerful singing bringing me to tears, especially singing that has overtones of old-school black church choirs. So in this case, of course I had tears running down my face from the opening scene, which happened to be set in a southern black church. And no, I didn’t bring any tissues.

As to the title of this post, the star of the show, Fantasia, of whom I’ve been a fan since her American Idol days, was amazing. AMAZING!!! Her acting was surprisingly good: she had great comic timing and real pathos at the most tragic moments. And her singing–a lot of scenes she was singing along with others, but there were moments throughout when she would really let loose, and just, wow. Wow. What a voice. What an amazing gift. It actually makes me really impressed with the whole premise of American Idol–how could this young woman, Fantasia Barrino, be walking around living her life with this phenomenal talent that didn’t reach the world until she auditioned for this random television show? It’s crazy! Because she is a SUPERSTAR.

You know who else is a superstar? (Why yes, that was an awkward and somewhat nonsensical segue) My right fallopian tube, which showed up right away on the HSG last Friday. This cannot be said for the left tube, the viewing of which took three different catheters and a lot of painful extra dye. Sounds serious, but it turns out there was only “a minor blockage” on the left side. The radiologist said that it was right at the point when the tube joined my uterus (a uterus which, happily, is of normal size & shape). So those are my HSG results–minor blockage on the left, but otherwise normal. It hurt like hell, even having taken Ibuprofen in advance, but it was over fairly quickly. I won’t know my RE’s thoughts on this until the new year, most likely, but I wonder whether the blockage is enough to justify going straight to Clomid plus IUI, rather than starting with just Clomid and timed sex. Either way, the pressure is finally off of G at work–the state review that he was working toward finally happened, and they got the top rating! So he’s now able to take time off, and hopefully can go in for an SA early in 2008 as well. That’ll give us a better picture of where to go next.

In any case, have a very merry Christmas, all! I turn 33 tomorrow, so expect the requisite “infertile birthday reflections” post soon, maybe after my mom leaves town. Meanwhile, wishing you and yours a wonderful and peaceful holiday!


3 Responses to “This just in: Fantasia is AWESOME.”

  1. shanna Says:

    Those are pretty good HSG results! Do you know whether the dye pushed out the left tube blockage during the procedure? (That happens sometimes.)

  2. Kenya Says:

    Yeah girl Fantasia is so talented. I raised my cell bill with those texts when she was on AI. As far as your tubes go, I’m glad that the blockage was only minor. I remember doping myself up with so much Tylenol and Motrin before my HSG and I was still on that table screaming my little heart out.

    I’m also in Clomid hell that you spoke off. Clomid and timed BMS this and next month before we can go to the IUI. And that’s from 2 R.E.’s. Have a great holiday.

  3. Ariel Says:

    Ugh, sorry you had the painful kind of HSG experience, but glad righty is a superstar and hope the dye flushed out the blockage on the left and you’ll have that post-HSG fertility boost everyone talks about. Tis the season for magical thinking.

    I wasn’t watching AI at the Fantasia point in the process, but have been impressed with the occasional performances I’ve caught and it’s cool to get your review. I was thinking the same thing about Kelly Clarkson the other day, over hearing a song of hers on a soundtrack (not every AI winner makes me muse about the universe, but she did, at that moment anyway). And me too with the crying response to powerful gospel-type singing, and I’m not much of a crier so I’m always unprepared. It flips a switch somewhere, even if I’m not really engaging with the music otherwise.

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