Worth a thousand wordy blog posts:

January 20, 2008

Wow, seems I’m updating this blog daily right now! Don’t get used to it, fair readers. Soon enough, school is going to start again and then you’re going to say, “What happened to that Cityprof character, anyway? Is she still alive?” And I will be. But I will be dealing with the various and sundry stresses and stupidities that are the first week or two of a semester. Oh, how I dread the first day of class. And I am speaking as someone who, overall, loves her job.

That fateful day has not yet come, though. And so I am here again to share some pictures of myself with you all, the first a before picture, from June 2007, when I weighed 198 lbs, the second from January 2008 (taken today, actually), weight 158 lbs. Both pics can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnails:

June 2008Jan 2008 

I am kind of shocked at how striking the difference is in the pictures, because I didn’t see myself as “big” when I was heavier, and I don’t really see myself as “small” now that I am lighter. On a daily basis, no matter what I weigh, I just feel like my normal self, although these days I do tend to feel a little more fit as I walk through the world. But I would not have believed the change had been so dramatic if I didn’t have visual proof in the form of these photographs. Holy crap!


6 Responses to “Worth a thousand wordy blog posts:”

  1. Kacey Says:

    You are just gorgeous, in both pics! I am so happy for you that you’ve had this amazing success, you are an inspiration. And that after pic is just stunning! Seriously, va va voom!

  2. asha vere Says:

    You look amazing!

    So glad to have found your blog. I occasionally Google the words “infertility” and “black women” hoping to find other black women talking about this infertility rollercoaster. This time, your blog came up, and I am delighted to have found it.

    I’m 32 (33 next month), diagnosed with PCOS, have had five failed IUIs and two failed IVFs. I’m also moving more and eating less in an attempt to lose some weight (my goal is 30 pounds, of which I’ve lost eight so far) before attempting my next IVF.

    I’ll be hopeful for BFPs for both of us in ’08.

  3. cityprof Says:

    Thanks, yall! Kacey, you’re totally next. 🙂

    Asha Vere, very happy to “meet” you. I’m sorry that it’s been such a long journey for you so far, but I hope your next IVF is a lucky charm, truly.

  4. loren Says:

    Wow, You look GREAT!!! Hot Mama!
    Now I can’t wait for you to gain some wieght back. *wink,wink*. Just, you know…mostly in the mid abdomin area…;)

  5. loren Says:

    Ok, I’m not that mentally retarded, but I spelled weight wrong and couldn’t edit it! Errgh

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