Busy, busy… and a V-Day question

February 10, 2008

Hi folks! As the first part of the post title makes clear, things around here have been crazy. Big shout outs to those of you who left comments on my last couple of posts, though, especially the ones who just found this blog. Jennphur, cdb, and SJH, welcome–sorry you wandered in right when my posting has slowed down due to the beginning of the semester, but hopefully my schedule will improve by the end of the month so that I can blog more. Meanwhile, good luck on the current IVF cycles, cdb and SJH–I hope they lead to healthy pregnancies and beautiful late 2008/early 2009 babies.

Apropos of that, it’s finally the week for G’s SA, this Wednesday (wow, time flies!). I’m going in for bloodwork as well. Should be an adventure. I will be SO glad finally to know just what is up with G’s sperm. Hopefully it’s perfectly normal, and we can go on to Clomid and IUI with no concerns. My guess is that if we do have male factor issues, depending on the problem, my doc might want us to skip to IVF–and that makes me more nervous, just because of the injections. I’m sure I can handle it, of course, but if I have a choice between a pill and a needle, I’d probably choose the pill in most cases. Well, we’ll see. I’ll certainly report back when we have some news (probably by Wednesday afternoon).

Unrelated to fertility, and related to part two of the post title, I do have a question for you all: what’s your take on Valentine’s Day? Personally, I’m torn. I know that it’s just a “Hallmark holiday,” and that it’s pretty much a completely arbitrary date that has nothing concrete to do with anything about “love.” And that it happens to be a convenient way to stimulate consumer spending in the dull period between the expensive winter holiday season and the spendy spring/summer months. But on the other hand, I sort of love the romance of a day about romance, and the one time that I was dating someone who was all invested in those external “romantic” signs (not G, alas), it was lots of fun to get dressed up and go out, be given fancy presents, and get treated like a princess for the evening.

At this point I guess I sort of split the difference. I got G a really nice card, which I plan to fill with nice sentiment, and if we don’t go out to dinner (we’re wait-listed for reservations at our current favorite restaurant, so it might not work out) I suppose we’ll have a nice dinner at home, or perhaps do something more fun than romantic, like go see Jumper. But I’m not expecting lavish gifts–I told G, yes please to flowers or candy or something simple–and I’m figuring it ultimately won’t be that big of a deal.What about you? Big lovey-dovey plans? Or do you scoff at such silliness? 


4 Responses to “Busy, busy… and a V-Day question”

  1. SJH Says:

    We don’t “do” Valentines day. I think it’s a nice holiday in theory, but we’d much rather celebrate a day that really marks an important time in our relationship (the anniversary of our first kiss or our wedding anniversary). Plus we’re almost always broke around Valentines day!

  2. Kenya Says:

    I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I love the idea of so many celebrating love on one day. The commercialism of it all sucks though.

  3. asha vere Says:

    I love Valentine’s Day, but I’m biased: It’s my birthday.

    If it comes to that, you’ll be able to handle giving yourself the shots for IVF just fine (and remember that you’ll likely have to give yourself a trigger shot if you do IUI, too!). I thought there was no way I’d be able to handle it, but it’s become old hat.

    My husband’s even gotten good at giving me the progesterone shots with the big scary needle!

  4. Ariel Says:

    Valentine’s isn’t solely a Hallmark Holiday. I was surprised when I was reading Samuel Pepys’s diaries to find that he and his wife were arranging Valentine’s dates and gifts (not with each other–apparently “your Valentine” was not necessarily your romantic partner, just your escort for the night). So it has centuries of pre-Hallmark history, not that it makes it deep or meaningful.

    We’re not doing anything for it–friends coming in from out of town were worried they’d ruin out plans, but there’s nothing to ruin. One year he did surprise me with a bunch of “Pre-Easter” treats on Vday though and I still have the homemade, bunny-sporting card.

    I found myself to be remarkable porous when it came to the shots. Given the side-effects of Clomid (particularly the chance of crappy lining), I’ll now take the needle over the pill any day, but at the time it did feel like an easier first step. Clomid, the gateway drug to injectables.

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