Some good news, thankfully.

February 27, 2008

THANK YOU ladies for all of your kind words of support responding to my post earlier today–I was SO upset when I wrote all of that, just beyond frustrated with the whole situation. And it means so much to know that there are folks out there reading along and commiserating.

I am feeling much better now, in no small part because I talked to Dr. No-Nonsense, finally. She’s so great, very very calm and reassuring. Talking to her reminds me of why I chose this clinic in the first place. And she came bearing good news: sickle-cell is not going to be an issue for us, because only one of us is a carrier. It turns out, though, that G is the carrier, not me. I can’t believe the on-call RE I talked to yesterday misread the results! Dr. N-N said that she wants me to get tested for a few other types of anemia, to make sure there aren’t any other potential genetic issues that might crop up because of G’s sickle-cell trait, but actual sickle-cell disease isn’t a concern. Whew.

While we were on the phone, Dr. No-Nonsense confirmed that IVF would be what she recommends for us next, which didn’t surprise me. With G’s numbers, she thinks it’s the best option. She asked us to make an appointment to sit down with her and talk about the process. She also suggested that G see a urologist, I guess to get a specialist’s advice about the possible medical reasons for his sperm’s lackluster performance.

So, that’s where we are as of tonight. Sickle-cell is off the table, and I am VERY happy about that. We’re going to take the rest one thing at a time. Next up: injections/IVF class on Tuesday the 4th. Will keep you posted!


3 Responses to “Some good news, thankfully.”

  1. greg Says:

    Right down to the misreading of results, your story sounds terribly familiar, from the MFI to the hopeful and strange ambivalence that comes with realizing it’s going to be really hard to reproduce. I wish you both good luck and many blessings.

  2. Kenya Says:

    Good stuff!!

  3. asha vere Says:

    I wish you the best. When you go to that IVF class, don’t be too worried about the needles. It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. Truly.

    I was terrified of needles before I started all this stuff, but by the third day I had to give myself a shot, I was a pro.

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