March 19, 2008

Drive-by post to say that G and I are meeting with the RE tomorrow! G is also repeating his SA, the process of which he has described, in terms that are somewhat politically incorrect, as “like an Indian burn” on his, um, you-know. I guess because of the lack of lubrication? Ye-ouch. Sorry, dude.

For some reason (in spite of G’s upcoming discomfort) I am super-excited to sit down and talk to Dr. No-Nonsense about our next steps. She’s a great RE, or has been so far. I really like her practical and calm bedside manner. I actually talked to her today, because she called to tell me the results of my follow-up blood test. Definitely negative for sickle-cell, and no other related hereditary issues, but she said I am anemic–my red blood cell count is around 32.8%, and they like to see it at least at 35% (according to Wikipedia, 38% is even better). So she recommended that I check in with my primary care physician about it. Sigh.

Anemia has been a problem for me over the years, and now that I’ve been off the Pill for a while and my periods are back to being super heavy, I’m not surprised that the situation has worsened again. I suspect that I’m going to get put back on some kind of awful iron supplement, as my daily multivitamin is clearly not doing its job. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try to look at this as preparation for taking all of those big prenatal vitamins. 🙂

More on all of the things we learn at tomorrow’s appointment in my next post, which hopefully will be on Friday…


4 Responses to “Tomorrow!”

  1. lucy Says:

    I went to that same practice and saw Dr. [edited]. She was awful, I was so disappointed with her and the whole practice. She never followed up on my blood results, she had some other doctor call me to say that my CBC count was not right. She never called to say what type of treatment we need.
    I also had HSG done and she never called me to discuss what we should do. That office is so unorganized, I had trouble getting copies of my blood results from them, my husband never got a call nor results. We have decided that this process is very important to us to have it mishandled by incompetent doctors and are moving to other place. When I was doing research I had nothing positive to read about them but thought let me give them a try since they take my insurance. You live and learn! I wish you all the luck and hope you have a baby soon.

  2. cityprof Says:

    Lucy, respectfully, I just want you to know that your comment really shattered my confidence. I was feeling good about my RE and about learning what our next steps should be, and your negative remarks about the practice basically have created the opposite effect, where now I’m second-guessing myself and the choice that G and I have made to go with this clinic.

    I’m sure that was not your intention, but I wanted to point it out to you–that was the effect. For future reference, it might be best to keep your negative opinions to yourself unless they are requested. Why not post something more like, “I decided not to stay with that clinic, but I hope your experience there is a good one,” and leave it at that? Going into detail on how much you dislike the clinic I’ve chosen seems somewhat counterproductive unless I’ve made it clear that I’m looking for opinions.

    That said, I wish you the best and hope that whichever clinic you’ve chosen is treating you well. Take care.

  3. lucy Says:

    Sorry if my comment came across that way. It was not my intention at all. I was contemplating if I should write this or not, but felt compelled because I wanted to share my experience because it was negative to spare some people trouble (the ones who care about positive and negative experience.
    this is the link (forum in general is great for people who struggle with infertility) where I saw negative comments and still went ahead with this place and now regret it. ( Again I’m just trying to help, believe me I am in the same boat as you and we all want the best when it comes to our babies. I was just trying to be helpful. Again I am so sorry if this offended you in any way.

  4. jennphur Says:

    Please don’t let someone else’s experience change how you feel about going to get your treatment. Their experience will not be similar to yours, everyones protocol is different and some folks may be more sensitive and looking for the negatives in a practice rather than focus on the positive. Don’t second guess your decision, go to the clinic, see what they are about and decide then. You never know what some peoples’ intentions are behind trying to through salt in your game.

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