So, uh…

August 17, 2008

…I know I owe you all an apology. I see from checking my own site that my last post here was way, way back on May 30, 2008. Crazy. Why, that was before we even had a Democratic nominee for president!

What can I say, by way of excuses? It’s been an incredibly hectic summer; lots of family visits, lots of visits with friends, lots of leisurely reading, lots of writing (um, just not blog posts). G and I even took a fabulous beach vacation last month. Somewhere along the way, I just stopped fitting in blog time.

In fact, I hate to say it, but I am thinking of letting this blog go, officially (ha! I have the nerve to say this with regret, as if any actual readers are even left — deafening, the cry of disappointment that has risen up from the empty ranks of my blog audience). This is ironic, since G and I actually ARE about to start our first IVF cycle, this Tuesday (whoa). It may or may not work, though I hope it does. But I suppose I just don’t have a lot to say about it at this point. We’ll just see what happens, won’t we? I have been so, so lucky and smiled upon by the universe in my life so far–it certainly would be wonderful if that continued into the reproductive technology realm, but I haven’t started knitting the layette just yet.

We have three IVF tries that are covered by insurance, and that’s it. (Unless, I suppose, I switch insurance companies down the line, although Aetna really does seem like the best thing my job has to offer.) According to the RE, our prognosis is good; G’s numbers are low, but not dismal, so they can certainly glean a crop of decent swimmers to use in the ICSI process. I’m still reasonably young at 33, and my doctors assure me I’m in great health, reproductive and otherwise. So if there’s any time that IVF is likely to work for us, it’s now.

Still, it’s a crap shoot. I suspect that if we don’t have good luck with this we’ll table the kids thing and save some money for a few years, maybe consider moving on to adoption after we’ve rebuilt the savings. Or maybe we’ll give up on having kids entirely, I don’t know. I’m hoping we don’t have to make that decision. Right now, I would really love for us to hit pay dirt on the first IVF try so that we can save the other two chances for kid #2 (when I’ll be older and will need the extra help).

In the meanwhile, I may one day soon start a new blog, with a new title. Something that covers a few more of the things I’m interested in–academia, music, cooking, reading, running, writing, pop culture–things I’ve touched on here, but not in depth. I will keep you posted. Thank you, so much, for reading and commenting over the past year. You, and this blog, have been great to me, and I truly appreciate it.

Cheers (and stay classy, San Diego),