Bigger is totally better.

August 22, 2007

First off, my apologies for going so long without posting, especially with the added password-protection! Some of you undoubtedly want to know the backstory on that: basically, G accidentally passed along the blog’s address to a relative of his, and I completely panicked, as this is the last person I’d want reading about our struggles with I/F. The danger has probably passed, so I’ll take the password off soon.

Preparing for the start of the semester has also been keeping me away from the blog–between now and next week, when classes start, I have to finish two reports I am writing for a major departmental committee, finish uploading my course information to Blackboard, and complete an online interview about my recently published book (this I’m very excited about, of course, as it’s my first such interview, but I’m also nervous about how I’ll come off in the journal. I don’t want to sound incompetent!).

By far the biggest news around here, however, is that new toy I alluded to a few posts ago… G and I are now the proud owners of a new Hi-Def plasma television! Forty-two inches of beautiful, crystal-clear picture, and I just LOVE it. I know it’s not very scholarly of me to be so enamored of a gigantic TV, but what can I say? At heart, I’m pretty lowbrow.

Here’s a photo, which of course doesn’t do it justice:

new TV


Oh yeah, and for folks checking in for news of my uterus–well, we’re back in the 2ww, again. I’m not sure exactly when I ovulated, but I definitely have (my temp, although inconclusive over the weekend, has been clearly at a post-O level for a few days, plus I got a “sort of positive” OPK strip on Thursday or Friday). So I guess it’s time to be patient and see what happens. At least I have our new, huge TV to keep me distracted.

P.S. As of this morning I’ve officially lost 12 pounds. Which is good, since I’ve had a pretty terrible diet day today. Hopefully I can make up for it with extra cardio and better eating tomorrow.