So, the results of both my MIS test and my 2nd day bloodwork are in, and I am “well within normal range.” FSH low, estradiol also low, MIS high. Which means, basically, that I have plenty of eggs left, and they seem to be in good shape. This is good news, of course, but I still can’t help but feel like we’re at the beginning of what could possibly be a very long journey.

On that note, next stop on the train is the HSG, which is scheduled for this coming Friday morning. I’ve been instructed not to have any unprotected sex between now and then, which effectively means no sex at all, because I don’t think we actually own any condoms, even if either of us were willing to use one. Then, to compound the sex complications, my mom arrives for her annual Christmas visit the very same day as the HSG. Which means that if G and I are to enjoy the rumored fertility boost of the procedure (which is unproven anyway), we’re going to have to get down to the get-down while Mom’s in town.

…Well, we’ve done that before, and I guess we’ll be doing it again. (Doing it! Heh heh heh! )

In any case, here is a shot of me in those holiday shoes I mentioned a few posts ago, along with the rest of the outfit (click the pic for a larger version):

But, and this is the painful part, those shoes turned out to be REALLY uncomfortable. And these days I consider myself pretty heel-savvy. My biggest mistake was buying them a half-size too large (last pair, 40% off!) and figuring with various insoles and heel appliques and whatnot I could make them wearable. What I succeeded in doing was making them too small. I mean, they were wearable, in the loosest sense of the term–for a few hours, sitting down–but one go of the Electric Slide at G’s departmental holiday party and my left pinkie toe was burning like it had been attacked by a rogue power sander. And so I literally limped out of the hotel ballroom at the end of the night and took off the death shoes as soon as I got into the car. The moral of the story is never buy shoes that don’t fit you. I’d like to turn that into some kind of parable about life–don’t hobble down a road that doesn’t feel right?–but mostly, it’s just some advice about shoes. Seriously, take it from someone who knows. Ill-fitting shoes really suck, no matter how cute you look.

(But I did look pretty cute, right?)